Triple/Three Stringer U Shape Straight Glass Staircase with Marble Tread

Product Details

Triple/Three Stringer U Shape Straight Glass Staircase With Marble Tread. As a professional supplier for staircase, We also have various tread materials can be choose such as the glass step, wooden step, Marble step etc. Marble step staircase is a new design, considering the marble is heavy so we will use three stringer to support it to guarantee the stability. 

Products Name

Triple/Three Stringer U Shape Straight Glass    Staircase With Marble Tread

Item No.




3 pieces Carbon steel stringer


40mm thickness marble tread


12mm tempered glass (Height=1000mm)

Stand off

38mm diameter stainless steel patch fitting



Marble Step

Sketch For Staircase Shape & Detail 

Our Project Picture Show

With excellent staff and advanced equipment, we will offer you the best design and the highest quality product. Welcome to get the triple/three stringer u shape straight glass staircase with marble tread from our factory. We, located in Foshan, is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China. We won't let you down.