Double Stringer Glass Straight Staircase with Glass Tread

Product Details

Double Stringer Glass Straight Staircase With Glass Tread is one of our glass stairs design. It usually use for villa house, A lot of people like glass stairs but they don’t know the exact structure of them. Even somebody think the glass railing let people feel unsafe, Our Glass Stairway made by laminated glass tread and tempered glass railing. Considering the load bear of the stairs so we usually choose 10+1.52+10mm laminated glass even 3 layers laminated glass. On the other hands, We also make a strong tread support under the glass step, It is a steel step frame, You just need put the glass step into the frame, it will stable and strong enough.

Products Name

Double Stringer Glass Straight Staircase With Glass    Tread

Item No.


Component& Specification


6mm carbon steel zigzag stringer


10mm+1.52+10mm laminated Glass step

Glass Rail

12mm tempered glass railing


Φ50.8mm PVC handrail on top



Glass Tread

Sketch For Staircase Shape & Detail 

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