Indoor Decorative Spiral/Helix Staircase

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Spiral staircase/Helix staircase, It is one of normal stairs design we can see in our daily life. This Indoor Decorative Spiral/Helix Staircase made by wooden tread and carbon steel beam, the railing made by stainless steel materials. To guarantee the tread not shake, we use a carbon steel frame to support the wooden tread, You can put the step on the frame so that very easy to assemble it. Seven layers solid rod bar pass from 25mm diameter post, then fix by small screw, This Indoor Helix Staircase with 1600mm diameter, one of our customer order it for the library. Where you want to install? Give us your jobsite detail, We will give you solution.

Floor to floor height

Diameter/Dimension of the stairwell

Products Name

Indoor    Decorative Spiral/Helix Staircase

Item No.


Component&    Specification

Central beam

Φ76*4mm carbon steel beam

Beam Cover

Φ114*4mm carbon steel


40mm oak wood tread with steel tread frame


7 layers Φ8mm stainless steel rod


Φ25mm stainless steel post


Φ42.4mm stainless steel handrail



Stairs Railing

Sketch For Staircase Shape & Detail 

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