Glass Step Spiral Staircase/Stairs for Interior

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Glass Step Spiral Staircase/Stairs for Interior- Luxury and elegant indoor stairs.

This design was made by glass step so we named it glass spiral staircase. But the railing and the central beam was made by stainless steel, so a lot of people call it stainless steel spiral staircase. Six layers stainless steel solid rod across to 38mm diameter post, You also can choose Φ42.4m, Φ50.8mm. Remember the handrail diameter should match with the post, then looks more harmonious. This Glass Step Stairs usually was use for office. Do you like it?

Give us below parameter, then we can work for the solution.

Floor to floor height

Diameter of the stairwell

Products Name

Glass Step Spiral Staircase/Stairs for Interior

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Central beam

Φ76*4mm carbon steel beam

Beam Cover

Φ114*4mm stainless steel


10+1.52+10mm laminated


6 layers Φ8mm stainless steel rod



Sketch For Staircase Shape & Detail 

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