Stainless Steel Side Mounted Vertical Rod Balustrade

Product Details

Stainless Steel Side Mounted Vertical Rod Balustrade is designed and manufactured by our Double Building Materials Co.,Ltd. The common design is made by stainless steel materials, As the change of the market, our clients require us use the PVC or wooden handrail to instead of the stainless steel handrail. Even some one require us change the post to wooden materials. Everything in our company can customize as per your ideal. As a popular Solid Rod Balustrade, it was widely used for villa, apartment, commercial building, residential project, Do you like it?

Side Mount

Saving Space

Easy Installation

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Products Name

Stainless Steel Side Mounted Vertical Rod Balustrade

Item No.


Railing Dimension


1100mm or Customize



Component& Specification


Size: Φ38*1050mm

Solid Rod

Φ8.0mm stainless steel wire cable


Φ50.8mm stainless steel handrail


Decoration Staircase

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3D picture

With excellent staff and advanced equipment, we will offer you the best design and the highest quality product. Welcome to get the stainless steel side mounted vertical rod balustrade from our factory. We, located in Foshan, is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China. We won't let you down.