America S.S 304 / S.S316 Balcony Balustrade with PVC Top Handrail

Product Details

America S.S304 / S.S316 Balcony Balustrade With PVC Top Handrail, We sell it to America for many times and receive good reputation. The 304 Stainless Steel Balcony Railing usually use for outside, such as the balcony, porch, decking. Tell us your install position, We will offer you best solution according to your jobsite.

We well know the America/Europe/Australia standard for this railing system, Such as the railing height and gap distance between two layer solid rod.

Products Name

AmericaS.S304 / S.S316 Balcony Balustrade With PVC Top Handrail

Item No.


Railing Dimension


1067mm(42”) orCustomize



Component& Specification


Size: Φ42.4*1000mm

Solid Rod

Φ8.0mm stainless steel wire cable


Φ42.4mm PVC top handrail


Decoration    Staircase

Fitting Picture Detail

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With excellent staff and advanced equipment, we will offer you the best design and the highest quality product. Welcome to get the america s.s 304 / s.s316 balcony balustrade with pvc top handrail from our factory. We, located in Foshan, is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China. We won't let you down.