Side Mount Stainless Steel Wire Cable Railing System

Product Details

Side Mount Stainless Steel Wire Cable Railing system----one of our popular stainless steel railing. We customize the cable layers according to your railing height. Usually will not exceed 120mm gap between two cable to protect children’s safety. Normally height is 1 meter but somebody will make it higher. This DB-B5106 is side mount style, Do you like it? As we know, Side mount can save the space and leave more space to deck, passage, balcony. 4mm diameter railing come across from Φ50.8mm baluster, end of cable will have special fitting to fix it. Very perfect design, Suitable for outside and inside.

Products Name

Side    Mount Stainless Steel Wire Cable Railing system

Item No.


Railing Dimension


1000mm or Customize



Component& Specification


Size: Φ50.8*950mm


Φ4.0mm stainless steel wire cable


Φ50.8mm stainless steel handrail



Cable Picture

Fitting Detail

With excellent staff and advanced equipment, we will offer you the best design and the highest quality product. Welcome to get the side mount stainless steel wire cable railing system from our factory. We, located in Foshan, is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China. We won't let you down.